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Dear Teen Shows: Can We Please Stop Glorifying Toxic Guys?

Dear Teen Shows: Can We Please Stop Glorifying Toxic Guys?

A representation on a few of the biggest programs, figures and relationships that shaped this generation of ladies and a demand healthiest depictions of love and boundaries.

Content caution: this informative article contains themes of intimate attack, and psychological and abuse that is physical.

As soon as the teenager mystery sensation “Pretty Little Liars” first aired on ABC Family when you look at the autumn of 2010, I became nine yrs . old.

My older sis had been nearly 13 and it, of course, so was I since she was watching. I became conscious that the show’s themes had been a touch too complex for me personally, nonetheless it felt cool to view a thing that most of the girls in center and senior school had been raving about. In the 1st period for the show, We viewed as Aria Montgomery, a 16 yr old woman, fell deeply in love with her 22 yr old English instructor, Ezra. Even if it had been revealed that Ezra had also dated Aria’s friend that is best, Alison (when she ended up being 15!), and deliberately pursued Aria to be able to compose a novel about her life, fans remained rooting for alleged “Ezria.” By the time the show ended in 2017, Aria and Ezra had been joyfully hitched together with used a kid together: satisfying the dreams of people whom purchased into this undeniably unsatisfactory relationship. Read More